Yes. There are security cameras located inside and outside for your safety. There is also great lighting in the area making safety a top priority for you and your clients..

+ are there security cameras?

On Monroe’s page you will have a feature profile and also have an opportunity to upgrade to a detailed profile similar to a website profile. This is all linked to your booking app. A separate website is not necessary but solely up to you.

+ Do we need our own website?

We believe one of the perks of becoming a Monroe member is total freedom of your own schedule. Although we do not offer this service due to most members not requesting it, we can offer scheduler recommendations on how to go about doing this on your own. Monroe includes a booking app that is available for online booking, so your clients have the freedom and ease to book when they want.

+ Does Monroe help set up my appointments?

We have a dedicated cleaning and maintenance crew to ensure the facility is kept at the highest standards, such as working within a luxury hotel. Our team will ensure maintenance and cleanliness of common areas, restrooms, waiting areas, members’ lounge, laundry room, corridors, and floors bi-weekly.

+ Who cleans the space and how often?

You are welcome to provide your own towels and we also offer a towel concierge service that will be available for an additional weekly rate and can be cancelled anytime through our member’s only online portal.

+ Will towels be provided?

There are a washer and dryer on-site for you to use free of charge. Laundry service is available for an additional weekly charge and can be canceled at any time through our member’s only online portal. 

+ Does Monroe Offer Laundry Facilities?

We cannot require our members to offer other members free or discounted services although we do encourage the sharing of services for promotion and referrals. 

+ Will other members' services be free or discounted?

You are responsible for the cleanliness of your own studio. Hiring our in-house cleaning crew is available for an additional weekly rate and such service can be managed within our online members-only portal. 

+ Who cleans the studios? Is this service available?

Monroe offers an exclusive weekly rate to lease the cabinets in the space all done for you, so you don’t have to stress or pay upfront. Lower cabinetry is placed in every studio for a move in ready convenience. This will ensure you can start now with no delay. Gorgeous white glossy lower cabinetry and soft marble countertops, strategically chosen to go with any design choice.

+ Are there other options for cabinetry?

 Yes, you can choose a hair washing sink or a hand-washing sink. Select studios have 2 sink options.

+ Are there sinks in the space?

Yes, we encourage each studio owner to build their brand and offer an incredible experience for their clients. We ask that you gain approval on extensive decorating such as paint and permanent fixtures, but once approved, you can decorate your studio for your brand and business provided nothing is permanently changed.

+ Can I decorate my studio?

You will need proof of your appropriate professional license and proof of liability insurance. Upon signing your lease we provide a Business Builder Checklist to ensure you are prepared with what we advise you have in place before you start your business. 

+ What do I need to open my business at Monroe Salon Studios?

We will offer tours once we are closer to completing construction.

+ When can I see the space?

We are currently interviewing potential members for our grand opening. To apply for membership, please fill out the application form.

+ When will membership be decided?

It is possible that other members will provide a similar service; however, we are initially looking for people with unique and complementary offerings and a community and family-oriented view to avoid a highly competitive workplace.

+ Will there be competitors in the same space?

Please send them our way! To show our appreciation, you will receive a referral commission once that professional signs on to become a Monroe Member.

+ What if I know someone else who would be a good fit?

We will curate a maximum group of 30 members.

+ How many members are there?

Absolutely! They will need to sign a legal document that they work directly for you and are not rendering their own services. This must be set up with management prior to their employment.

+ Can I hire my own assistant/apprentice?

Yes. Both will need to complete the application process and each sign a lease agreement.

+ when I lease a double studio with another professional, do we both sign the lease?

Yes! One member will be responsible for the lease agreement but you can work with your team, other colleagues and other businesses within your one studio. Every person will be required to go through the application process. You must work different business hours when sharing a single studio.


We provide excellent lighting, your choice of a styling chair or table, a hair washing or hand washing sink. Members are responsible for any additional equipment needed for their specific business.

+ Will Monroe provide additional equipment? (i.e. a color processor, heat lamp, steamer, massage beds, or hair dryers)?

Memberships are a minimum of 12 months. If you sign a longer membership, you will receive exclusive appreciation perks!


No, there are no hidden costs. Your heat, water, electricity, Wi-Fi, booking app and maintenance fees are all included. We provide excellent lighting, your choice of a styling chair or table, a hair washing or hand washing sink,. Members are responsible for any additional equipment needed for their specific business.

+ are there hidden costs?

We love how the beauty and wellness industry is constantly evolving, so if you do not see the service you provide listed below, please complete the application to discuss options of becoming a Monroe member. We are now accepting applications for the following beauty and wellness professionals.

Hair - Esthetician - Acupuncture - Chiropractor - Permanent Makeup - Nails - Spa Treatments - Hair Removal - Laser Treatments - Dental - Waxing - Tanning - Fitness /Pilates / Yoga - Nutrition / Health Coach - Lash Extension - Massage - Makeup - Microdermabrasion - Tattoo Artist - Women’s Health - Cranial-Sacral Therapy - Meditation - Social Media Influencer - Medi Spa - Injector - Dermatologist - Body Work

+ what type of service providers should apply?

- Complete independence to grow your business.
- Surround yourself with a curated community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the beauty & wellness world.
- Provide a luxury experience with a luxury environment and the very best in beauty & wellness.
- Expand your business in a new executive business hub location.
- Share experiences and best practices with other members.
- Focus on your craft, not the operational tasks associated with a free-standing brick & mortar business.
- Access a broad range of amenities and services to support you and your business.
- Achieve greater earnings by retaining 100% of your revenue.
- Occupy your Studio alone or share with another colleague.

+ why a luxury studio?